Museums Český Krumlov

List of museums in the Český Krumlov.

Regional Museum in Český Krumlov

Regional Museum in Český Krumlov, photo by: Archiv Vydavatelství MCU s.r.o.Address: Horní 152, Český Krumlov
Phone: +420 380 711 674
GPS: 48.81099,14.317886 | On the map >>

At the present time the Regional Museum administers 22 000 registered items of the collection fund, i.e. next to 34 000 objects.

Castle Museum Český Krumlov

Castle Museum Český Krumlov, photo by: Archiv Vydavatelství MCU s.r.o.Address: Zámek 59, Český Krumlov
Phone: +420 380 704 711, +420 380 704 721
GPS: 48.812615,14.315613 | On the map >>

The exhibit is in the style of historical 19th century museum. The interiors are furnished with historical lights, restored Dutch stoves and replicas of old museum exhibition boxes.

Museum Photo Studio Seidel

Museum Photo Studio Seidel, photo by: Archiv Vydavatelství MCU s.r.o.Address: Linecká 272, Český Krumlov
Phone: +420 380 712 351
GPS: 48.808505,14.316363 | On the map >>

Come visit the Museum Fotoatelier Seidel! A unique place where tradition of photography sprang up in the 19th century, a place where Time stood still.

Wax Museum Český Krumlov

Wax Museum Český KrumlovAddress: Kájovská 68, Český Krumlov
Phone: +420 380 712 236
GPS: 48.810312,14.313821 | On the map >>

Personalities and region of South Bohemia.

Museum of torture instruments

Museum of torture instruments Český KrumlovAddress: nám. Svornosti 1, Český Krumlov
Phone: +420 380 766 343
GPS: 48.81106,14.315207 | On the map >>

A unique exposition of criminal punishment and instruments of torture, spread throughout the newly-reconstructed 15th cellars below the Český Krumlov town Hall on the town square.

Puppet Museum - Fairytale house

Puppet Museum - Fairytale house Český Krumlov, Source: www.krumlovskainspirace.czAddress: Dlouhá 29, Český Krumlov
Phone: +420 380 713 422, +420 723 325 262
GPS: 48.811456,14.3151 | On the map >>

Fairy Tale House in Český Krumlov - Puppet Cabinet of the National Museum - The puppets have been borrowed from the Theatre Department of the National Museum and from the Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures in Prague.

Museum of historic motorcycles

Museum of historic motorcycles Český Krumlov, Source: www.krumlovskymlyn.czAddress: Široká 80, Český Krumlov
Phone: +420 736 634 460
GPS: 48.811781,14.313447 | On the map >>

Museum of motorcycles you can visit all year round.

Český Krumlov Museum of Architecture and Craft

Český Krumlov Museum of Architecture and Craft, Source: Dlouhá 92, Český Krumlov
Phone: +420 380 711 681, +420 724 054 738
GPS: 48.811725,14.314134 | On the map >>

The visitors of the exhibition have a unique possibility to see the building history of a medieval town.